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Master Bed Room/ Schlafzimmer
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Guest House

Please come in and take a guided picture tour through the apartments. Just sneak around....

A fine guesthouse

Are you looking for a friendly studio, or an apartment for you and your family?
Welcome! The well maintained IBZ accommodation is fully furnished and rooms are spacious and tastefully decorated. International scholars and researchers will find apartments in different sizes and ready for moving in at the IBZ guest house.

We are pleased to receive applications from visitors from abroad staying at our university from 3 up to 24 months. Primarily we provide apartments for PostDocs and visiting professors or scholarship holders from the AvH or DAAD (master's and PhD's are not included). Please make sure your application reaches us in time, as there are many applications but only a limited number of apartments. As a rule we do not have a waiting list. Reservations are available on a first come, first served basis.

Are you interested in applying for an apartment? Then please contact your guest institution at Otto von Guericke University. If you are looking for accommodation in Magdeburg as a PhD student etc., we recommend that you try the “Studentenwerk” (student’s union) or check the local public housing market.

IBZ lease contracts are based on a monthly lease fee. This means you have to pay monthly, and single day leases are not available, as the guesthouse is operated as an apartment block and not as a hotel.

Shortly after receiving your reservation form we will send you a specified apartment offer during the timeframe from 2 up to 7 working days. Your stay at the IBZ should last at least 3 months, and the maximum period is 24 months. This is because of a  limited number of apartments which need to be managed in a suitable way. Thank you for your cooperation.

Families may find  the apartments equipped with cribs and baby chairs. The library has a kids’ corner and if you are looking for an outdoor place to play just go to the IBZ playground in the yard. The university has an on-campus kindergarten which is close to the IBZ. Parents need to register well ahead to make sure of getting a space here. For applications please contact Otto von Guericke University’s coordinator for family issues.

The IBZ guesthouse is a facilitiy for people with disabilities. Please provide us with information about housing, transportation and assistance needs efore your arrival.

Of course we know how busy the first days in a new town can be. The IBZ management is happy to assist you with questions like, day care, choice of schools, registration issues and all administrative matters.
Our goal: Feel welcome and enjoy your stay!

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