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To support the exchange of international teaching and research at the University, the IBZ offers a pleasant conference room with modern equipment.

International and German academics, lecturers and scholarship students are welcome to apply. The conference room at the IBZ is a great place for all kind of international meetings, workshops, scientific or intercultural presentations and official receptions.

Do you like taking pictures? The conference room can be used for picture exhibitions on intercultural topics or the town or university. In addition, members of the International Meeting Centre staff are always looking for people and events to complement the house’s intercultural atmosphere. Your international colleagues would like to present their home country and take you to Russia or Scotland or Canada or elsewhere.  Come and book the room today! We are looking for all kinds of intercultural events for your department, the IBZ, the university or the town. Fill the International Meeting Center with life and ideas.

Magdeburg’s German-Japanese-Society (Deutsch-Japanische-Gesellschaft) regularly offers a variety of events and presentations on different Japanese traditions and cultures. As the university has a close partnership with this society, people are able to contact students and academics from Japan and learn more about this fascinating country. 

We look forward to hearing your ideas and receiving your support for the idea of the International Meeting Centre at Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg. It could be on a voluntary basis or as part of your official duties. We welcome and support any kind of involvement.




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